Digital Temperature Controller- 2020D

Setpoint and process both are displayed simultaneously. The process display is 12.5mm height.
The setpoint display is 8mm height. The power supply is 90-260 VAC.
1. ON-OFF Control: Relay is on upto the set temperature and cuts off at the set point. System temperature will come down and again relay will go on at temperature 2 °C below the set point. Same function is repeated. Adjustable dead band is provided for specific application. Time-Proportionating Control : Relay will be ON and OFF in band of ±2 °C of set-point. ON-OFF : time will adjust as per the heat requirement of the system. Of course total time cycle will be of 15 seconds.
2. 4½ digit Temperature Indicator/Controller Nippon 2020A.
3. Contact factory for supply volts of 90 – 260 VAC & retransmission output

Table A

Model No. Sensor Range Calibration Accuracy Resolution °C / °F
nippon 2020A Pt-100 (2,3 wire) -100.0 to 600.0 °C -148.0 to 1112.0 °F 0.25% 0.1
nippon 2020 Pt-100 -100.0 to 199.9 °C -148.0 to 199.9 °F 0.25% 0.1
nippon 2020 Pt-100 -100 to 600 °C -148 to 1112 °F 0.25% 1
nippon 2020 Iron/Constantan (J) -100 to 600 °C -150 to 1112 °F 0.10% 1
nippon 2020 Chromel/Alumel (K) -80 to 1200 °C -112 to 1999 °F 0.70% 1
nippon 2020 Pt/Rh (R,S) +900 to 1600 °C +1652 to 1999 °F 0.50% 1







 Input signal is signal conditioned, linearised and amplified.  It is compared with the set point and accordingly relay operates.
Inputs  J,K,R,S,T and other thermocouples, R.T.D's like Pt-50, Pt-100 (2~3 wire), 0-1VDC, 4-20 mA... Etc.
Range, Indicating  Refer Table - A
Accuracy, Resolution Ambient Compensation Automatic
Setting By push button - COARSE/FINE pots or by membrane key - trimpot
Setting Accuracy Better than 0.2%
Output  Relay contacts rated at 230V/6A.
Control ON-OFF or Time-Proportional (Refer Note on back side)
Sensor Open Protection  Built-in Indicates ' 1', Relay cuts-off.
Ambient Temperature  0-55 °C
Supply 230 VAC ±10%, 50 Hz standard, 90-260 VAC on request.
Box Size 96 (H) X 96 (W) X 180 (D) or 72 (H) X 72 (W) X 110 (D) or 48 (H) X 48 (W) X 100 (D) in mm
Note  24 VDC for loop power 4-20 mA input on re


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