LINERAISED TEMPERATURE INDICATOR -1010 is linearised temperature Indicator. Thermocouples like Pt / Rh (R, S), B are used for wide & high temperature ranges. EPROM linearisation helps to trace the temperature curve accurately. The
Indicating accuracy ±1 °C is achieved for the entire TEMPERATURE range. Refer Table – 1 for the range / accuracy. Instrument is widely used in Glass mfg., metal Treatment, furnace & laboratories… etc…

  • Highly accurate & reliable
  • Glass Epoxy single board design
  • Thermocouples, RTD's & other inputs
  • Wide temperature range

Table :

Type Range Accuracy
Pt / Pt Rh 13%                                     "R"
         0 - 1700 °C  
     ± 1 °C
Pt / Pt Rh 10%                                     "S"
             0 - 1700 °C
     ± 1 °C
Pt-6% Rh/Pt-30% Rh                          "B"
             100 - 1820 °C
     ± 1 °C
Copper/Co-Nickel                                "T"
           0 - 200.0 °C  
     ± 0.1 °C
Nickel-Chromium/Copper-Nickel    "E"
           0 - 800 °C  
     ± 1 °C


Specification :

Input From 2 wire transmitter (4 to 20 mA), 24VDC available
Range User selectable measuring ranges Programmable from -1999 to +1999, with decimal point. freely configurable from most to least significant digit.
Accuracy ±least count ( i.e. 1 or 0.1)
Setting Easy setting of measurement ranges & High/Low limits by Feather-touch, elegant, long life & user friendly membrane key pads. No trimpots to be touched.
Display Bright seven segment, 4 digits for parameter & 4 digits for status.
Limits High & Low Limits
Controls On-Off, TIme Proportional, PI control action
Dead Band Programmable
Logic Heater or Alarm Programmable
Output 2 Relays corresponding to each limit rated 230 V / 6 Amp.
Retransmission O/P user programmable 0-20mA/4-20mA, On request
Computer Interface RS232 or RS485 available
Password Lock facility to avoid tampering
Design Modular, Sturdy & Wireless design
Noise Immunity EMI/RFI interference is suppressed by MOV's & R-L-C filters
Supply 90-260 VAC, 50Hz
Ambient Conditions Temp. 55°C& Relative Humidity 99%
Box Height - 96 mm, Width- 96 mm, Depth - 150 mm, DIN size
Notes 1. Control o/p with PI control action & 4-20 mA Control o/p on request 2. "Soaking time" function on request 3. S.S.R. o/p available.


Pink printed dress, woven, round neck with a keyhole and buttoned closure at the back, sleeveless, concealed zip up at left side seam, belt loops along waist with slight gathers beneath, brand appliqu?? above left front hem, has an attached lining.

Comes with a white, slim synthetic belt that has a tang clasp.