Available in Single Phase and Three Phase
MICROCONTROLLERS with their inherent advantages are being increasingly used in the industry. With growing shortage and escalating cost of Electrical Energy, accurate monitoring of Air Conditioner's parameters has become necessary. 'TELEPAC MICROCONTROLLER is most useful for controlling A/Cs. This instrument is able to maintain Room Temperature with an accuracy of 0.1° C by automatic measurement of Room temperature and accordingly controlling AC ON/OFF.It also protects Costly Air conditioner from ‘Unhealthy conditions such as over load/under load etc. by automatically cutting off supply to it.
TELEPAC MICROCONTROLLER is provided with independent power supplies for each AC. Controller can work with any one or both power supplies.Under normal working condition at Power On,first “TELEPAC” message is displayed which remains about 4 secs. After that Healthy indication starts blinking alongwith the supply indication provided for both supplies separately. Now, depending on the Room Temperature & Set points Fan 1 will be started after Fan Startup Delay (Default 25 sec) & Compressor will be On after Cp1 Startup Delay (Default 120 sec) & after Startup Delay of Fan2 & Cp2 startup delay they will be started if required ( depending on room temperature ) This is ‘Normal Run Mode for the controller. In this mode display will show status of ACs showing current drawn by Compressor,voltage & room temp. In this mode ACs will be turned ON/OFF depending on Room temperature requirement & Setpoints.e.g. If Compressor Temperature cutin is set to 23°C then the AC will be ON if Room Temperature goes above 23°C & the AC will be turned OFF when Room Temperature goes below 20°C i.e. 3°C Hysterisis is provided also 0.1°C accuracy is achieved with the controller. if by some means Room Temperature remains below set point of one compressor & above set point of other. For example Compressor1 setpoint =20°C and Compressor2 set point =25°C & Room Temperature =22°C then Compressor2 may never be turned On & may cause problem to AC hence after specified time ( Shift Interval Set in Hrs.) the Temperature Set Points of the compressors gets interchanged automatically & now compressor2 will now be in service. If a fault occurs then ALARM indication on the front panel will be ON & the fault is displayed in the fault status also fault is stored in the Fault log history


  • Supply Voltage:
    230 VAC ± 15 % for Single Phase 415 VAC ± 15% for Three Phase Separate power supplies for each AC & independent Outputs for Fan & Compressor
  • Output Contact RatingPer A/C :
    1] Single Phase : a] 25 Amps. at 230 VAC for Compressor Output
    b] 7Amps. at 230V AC for fan & alarm outputs.
    2] Three Phase : a] 9 Amps. at 230 VAC 3 Phase Contactor for Compressor Output
    b] 7Amps. at 230V AC for fan & alarm outputs.
  • Front Panel : .
    1) 16 char X 2 lines LCD display with backlit.
    2) 4 Key keypad for programming.
    3) Power indication for each AC.
    4) AC ON indication for each AC
    5) Controller Healthy Indication by Blinking Green LED
    6) ALARM indication by Red LED.
  • Sensing :
    1) Inbuilt Voltage & Current sensing in Power supply unit for compressor.
    2) Temperature Sensing by accurate Temp.sensor. 3) Fire Input Sensing
    4) DG Mode Sensing
  • Terminals : .
    1) Power unit for each AC, separate o/ps for 2 Fans &2 Compressors.
    2) Temperature sensor.
    3) AC1 fail alarm relay o/p.
    4) AC2 fail alarm relay o/p.
    5) Power fail alarm relay o/p
  • Alarms/ Protections : 1) Over voltage protection set point user settable.
    2) Under voltage protection set point user settable.
    3) Over load protection set point user settable.
    4) Under load protection set point user settable.
    5) Automatic cut off for smoke/Fire.
    6) High/low temperature alarm set point user selectable.
  • Power Supply unit : for 3PN & 1 Ph Supply
  • Dimensions : .
    1) Controller : 245 mm X 150 mm X 60 mm
    2)Power supply unit:-125mm X 68mm X168mm