Air conditioning systems are vitally needed by Cell sites, offices etc. The heart of an Air conditioner is its compressor hence some protection means must be provided to the compressor to protect it from abnormal conditions such as Over voltage,Under voltage , Over Loading, etc. The efficiency of an Air conditioner depends on its Compressor. The compressor cause problems due unhealthy conditions such as Over voltage, Under voltage etc. & frequent start/stop without prior time delay for pressure equalization. To take care of A/C from such electrical hazards PROTON has developed a new innovative product “AC Timer.”(Digital) It is a Microprocessor based system that controls operation A/C & also protect it from electrical hazards. It also indicate respective faults by messages & LED on front panel. All the set points such as Voltage, Current, Temperature are site selectable & user can easily set them by using keys provided on the front panel.


  • System Supply: 230 VAC +/- 15%
  • Output Contact Rating: Output contact rating for AC 25 A at 230 VAC
  • Power On Delay time: 1 minutes
  • Restart Delay time: :3 minutes
  • Trip time delay: 3 sec for UV & OV, 5 sec. OL & 5 minutes for UL
  • Over voltage: Default 260 V .User settable by Keys. 10 V hysteresis between Cutoff & Cut in. Auto reset
  • Under voltage: Default 180 V User settable by keys. 10 V hysteresis. Auto reset.
  • Over Load: Default 15 A. User settable by keys.
  • Under Load: Default 3 A user settable. Make it 0 A to bypass UL protection
  • Cycle Time: 240 min.
  • Indications:
    1) Healthy: Indicates controller is working healthy.
    2) ALARM: when this LED glows it indicates presence & fault.
    3) AC ON: when this LED glows it shows AC is ON