Nippolog is constantly upgraded as per the requirement of industry. We have invested more than 25 man-years in up gradation of Nippolog. Today Nippolog is flagship product of the company, it consists of SCANNERS, CONVERTORS, MEMORY BANKS & SOFTWARE. If your measurement & data logging application involves a diverse array of sensors or events, located centrally or over large distance, then Nippolog is the answer. Nippolog can become foundation of your measurement & data acquisition. It increases PRODUCTIVITY through accurate measurement, data acquisition, data analysis & data visualiz. Nippolog- a robust architecture functions reliably even in electrically & environmentally harsh environment. The software periodically aquires data from scanners and presents it in various forms at the user's monitor. Nippolog is interactive and very simple to use. It's features include Graphical Trends, Tabular Listing, Batch-wise data archival, Online Help, and many others. This becomes simplest tool for dozens of uses. Nippolog finds application in Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drug, Dyes and Chemicals, Petrochemical, Engineering, Power Plants,Glass, Textiles, Air-Conditioning/ Refrigeration, Test Laboratories and many other industries. There are over One hundred successful installations.



RTD's, Thermocouples, 0-1 VDC, 4-20mA, Logic Inputs,,

No. of Channel Interfacing up to 256 parameters
Trends Graphical and Tabular display
Archival AAutomatic, Programmable, and Batchwise data Storage
Access Mode Normal User and Super User mode.
Communication RS232 and RS485
Protocol Proprietory ASCII, MODBUS on request
Data Export 
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Customised Report
Minimum PC Requirement 
  • Windows 98
  • Pentium with 64MB RAM & 20 GB HDD Colour Monitor
  • FDD / CD ROM Drive for s/w installation
  • Colour InkJet Printer for Printing the Graphs