Many types of valves have been invented by man to control the flow of fluids. Of those which have survived the test of time, each has at least several features which are unique or important. One offers tight shut-off, another low cost, others effective control of the fluid flow, still others, perhaps combinations of these, and on and on. To date, however, no valve inventor has discovered the ideal valve which combines all these features into one package and experience teaches us that it is unlikely anyone will.

Thus, valve designers have created the globe, plug, ball, gate and numerous other valve types, all of which are in extensive use throughout the world's vast and industrial processes. The gate valve is among the most common because it offers several advantages of function and cost effectiveness over other types. The Cast Steel Gate Valve has been tailored especially for the high pressure, high temperature water and steam services common to many electric utility, industrial and petrochemical applications. It offers all the advantages inherent in the wedge gate concept plus several novel design features.

Technical Specification



9650 Series



Electric Operated Sluice / Gate Valve

Available Sizes


DN50 to DN1200

Pressure Range


PN0.4 from 700 mm to 1200mm, PN0.6 from 350mm to 1200mm, PN1 from 50mm to 1200mm & PN1.6 from 50mm to 600mm

Type of Actuator


Three Phase Multi Turn Electrical Actuators

Accessories (Optional)


Potentiometer, Position Transmitter, Controller, Integral Starter, Local Control Panel, Thermostat, Space Heater, MODBUS Communication with RS485 Communication Protocol.