MICROCONTROLLERS with their inherent advantages are being increasingly used in the industry. With growing shortage and escalating cost of Electrical Energy, accurate monitoring of Air Conditioner's parameters has become necessary. FREECOOLING MICROCONTROLLER is most useful for controlling A/Cs. This instrument is able to maintain Room Temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 Degree Celsius by automatic measurement of Room temperature and accordingly controlling AC ON/OFF. It also protects Costly Air conditioner from ‘Unhealthy conditions’ such as over Voltage/under Voltage etc. by automatically shutting down supply to it.
Damper Free cooling:
If Outdoor temperature is below 25° (Considering the free cooling set point as 25°C), then Free cooling mode starts, Damper will open & comp


  • Aux. Supply: 48V DC
  • Input Supply Voltage: 230 VAC ± 15 %
  • Outputs:
    Fan : 0-10V DC
    Compressor : 230 VAC ± 15
    Damper : 48V DC
  • Front Panel:
    1) 16 char. 2 lines LCD display with backlit.
    2) 5 Key keypad for programming.
  • Sensing:
    1) Inbuilt Voltage & current sensing in Power
    2) Temperature Sensing by precise temp. sensor.
    3) Tacho input from Fan
    4) High Pressure/Low Pressure sensing for compressor
  • Terminals :
    1) Compressor Output
    2) Damper Output.
    3) Temperature sensor.
    4) AC alarm relay o/p.
    5) Room High alarm relay o/p.
    6) Fan Supply Output (0-10V DC)
  • Network Connectivity:
    1) RS-485 Modbus RTU
    2) LAN
  • Alarms/ Protections:
    1) OV/UV protection set point user Selectable.
    2) OL/UL protection set point user Selectable.
    3) High/low temperature alarm set point user selectable.
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 200 mm x 80(H x W x D)


Pink printed dress, woven, round neck with a keyhole and buttoned closure at the back, sleeveless, concealed zip up at left side seam, belt loops along waist with slight gathers beneath, brand appliqu?? above left front hem, has an attached lining.

Comes with a white, slim synthetic belt that has a tang clasp.