The Industrial RO control panel provides for very convenient mounting and easy field cable terminations. Removable terminals blocks are provided for easy terminations. Different sizes of terminals are selected for process and power connections to avoid wrong connections. The industrial RO control panel is based on state of the art technology processor. It has 6 digital inputs and four outputs. It also has Conductivity and Flow (pulse type) Sensor inputs. It can be set for Manual pre-treatment operation or Automatic pre-treatment operation. On powering the controller it checks for Raw Water Tank (RWT) level and the Treated Water Tank (TWT) level. On receiving signals that the RWT is not empty and TWT is not full, it starts up the Raw water Pump (RWP). A Low Pressure Switch (LPS) check the pressure developed at the suction of HPP. On receiving the signal that pressure is developed (LPS) at the suction of High Pressure Pump (HPP), it opens the Flush (reject) Solenoid valve for a settable time, ensuring slow flush. After this, the HPP is started for a settable time ensuring fast flush. At the end of this time Flush Solenoid valve is closed and RO is started/operational. The controller continuously checks the pressure (LPS) at the HPP suction. Should it fall, a message is displayed with an LED indication on the front panel. After a settable delay if this condition prevails, the RO is shut with a message on the LCD screen. The system can be restarted only with activation of the Start key or Power reset. If during RO in operation; - RWT empty signal is received, both the pumps stop immediately with a message on the LCD, and an LED indication for RWP level. RO can be restarted on activating Start key or Power reset. - TWT full signal is received, a flush sequence is carried out and then both the pumps stop with a message on the LCD screen and an LED indication. Once TWT full signal goes off, Slow and Fast flush sequence is initiated and RO starts. - High Pressure switch (HPS) activation is received, both the pumps stop immediately with a message on the LCD, and an LED indication for HPS. RO can be restarted on activating Start key or Power reset. - Conductivity value exceeds set High level, a message is displayed till the time value is between High and Very High Limits set. If the Conductivity value exceeds the Very High limit set, both the pumps stop immediately with a message on the LCD. RO can be restarted on activating Start key or Power reset. - Any electrical faults at RWP and / or HPP such as Overload, Dry Run, Over Voltage, Under Voltage the RO stops after the set trip values and delays, with relevant fault display on the LCD. 


  • Supply voltage: 415VAC ± 10% 50Hz. , 3 Phase, 4 Wire.
  • Current range :0-30 A
  • Display Accuracy: Voltage: 0.25% ± 1 digits.
    Current: 0.25% rdg ± 1 digits.
    Voltage Resolution (Display) : 1 V
    Current Resolution (Display) : 0.1 A 
  • Environmental:
    1. Working Temp : 0 to 55º C
    2. Storage Temp : 10 to 70º C
    3. Relative humidity : 0 – 95 % Non-Condensing
    4. Warm up time : 10 Sec
  • Enclosure:
    1. Mounting : Panel mounting.
    2. Dimensions : 165 (W) X 60 (L) X 115 (H).
    Cutout 157 (W) x 109 (H).
    All dimensions are in mm.
  • Suited for Small and Medium size RO plants.
  • Preprogrammed RO operation, process interlocks and time delays.
  • Interactive Auto RO operation through panel keys in case of faults.
  • Provides for operation with Automatic Multi-Port valves through handshaking inputs.
  • Plant RUN time display
  • Flow Rate / Cumulative Volume display (Optional).
  • Conductivity display with pre-alarm and trip settings.
  • Low Pressure, High Pressure switch inputs.
  • Raw Water and Product Water Tank level inputs.
  • Flush Solenoid and Dosing Pump power outputs.
  • Easy User Programmable Settings.
  • Password Protected Process and Electrical Parameter Settings.
  • 4 Key Interface and LCD for Control and Onsite Programming.
  • Process Status Message Display.
  • Alarm/Fault Message Display.
  • Front Panel LED indications for active devices.
  • Auto / Manual Operation.
  • Pump Motor Voltage / Current display and Pump Motor Protection.
  • Phase Reversal and Single phasing protection.
  • Model 13M : 30A Relay for single phase RWP motor and 7.5 HP three phase contactor for HPP motor load control.
  • Model 33M : 7.5 HP three phase contactors for RWP and HPP motor load control.
  • Pump Protection in Manual Mode as well.
  • Compact, Panel Mounting.


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